Joshua Vaage / Netlify / Git Quickstart

Set up a site using Forestry as a CMS, and Netlify as a Host. A GitHub account is required.

Gitlab supported. Just use Gitlab in any of the steps mentioned in place of GitHub. - CMS #

Login to Forestry - Sign-up

  1. Go to Forestry dashboard
  • Add site
  • Don't have a site yet? 'Try on of our starters!"
  • Choose a starter
  • Authenticate with GitHub / Create new repo

Now Forestry is set up and the newly created Repo can be edited with Forestry.

Netlify - Host #

Login to Netlify - Sign-up

  1. Sites "New site from Git"
  • Connect to Git provider
  • "Pick a repository" - (The one you created in Forestry.)
  • Leave default build settings
  • Deploy site.

There has now been a site created for you.

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