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GitHub API: User Repositories JSON

A call to the GitHub API. The response is output to a repos.json file

curl -o repos.json;

Test the output received at:

Jekyll Use Case #

In a Jekyll site I have hosted on netlify, this in my netlify.toml file:

command = 'curl -o _data/repos.json; jekyll build'

Netlify will run that build command whenever a deploy is triggered. Netlify respects your netlify.toml file.

11ty Use Case #

Same as with Jekyll I will put the repos.json into a _data file.

Add script to package.json:

"scripts": {
"build": "eleventy",
"watch": "eleventy --watch",
"serve": "eleventy --serve",
"debug": "DEBUG=* eleventy",
"comment": "Script below, gh-repos, gets repos and puts in _data dir for consumption by 11ty or Jekyll",
"gh-repos": "curl -o _data/repos.json"


Run it:

npm run gh-repos

Making a Repo Collection in 11ty

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