Joshua Vaage

Making a GitHub Repository Collection in 11ty

Make a JSON file listing all my GitHub repositories and make a collection out of them.

  1. Add a script to the package.json file. Replace 'whaleen' with any username.
"gh-repos": "curl -o _data/repos.json"
  1. Create the file in 11ty's _data folder called repos.json.
npm run gh-repos
  1. Consume the data
layout: layouts/base.njk
data: repos
size: 1
alias: repo
permalink: repo//index.html

!!! this code block is trying to render my curly tags

Repo: <a class="h1" href=""></a>

<h3>Clone Repo</h3>
<pre>git clone  </pre>

Stargazers  |
Watchers  |

resume writing this when i figure that out.

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