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For Jekyll sites. A BASSCSS boilerplate for Jekyll projects. This is a Sass version. If Sass is not a requirement I recommend using the CSS postprocessor BASSCSS is intended to be used with.

Github Repo
  $ git clone
  $ cd jekyll-basscss-sass
  $ jekyll serve --watch


// Import partials from `sass_dir` (defaults to `_sass`)


Create manifest.json in the root directory containing liquid tags to pull values from the config.yml file:

@import "defaults";
@import "base-reset";
@import "base-forms";
@import "base-tables";
@import "base-typography";
@import "color-base";
@import "color-forms";
@import "color-tables";
@import "btn";
@import "btn-primary";
@import "btn-outline";
@import "type-scale";
@import "utility-typography";
@import "utility-layout";
@import "align";
@import "white-space";
@import "positions";
@import "responsive-states";
@import "grid";
@import "flex-object";
@import "borders";
@import "colors";
@import "background-colors";
@import "background-images";
@import "border-colors";
@import "btn-sizes";
@import "color-forms-dark";
@import "color-input-range";
@import "color-progress";
@import "highlight";
@import "input-range";
@import "progress";
@import "responsive-white-space";
@import "table-object";
@import "ui-utility-groups";
@import "utility-headings";